Mary E. Vandenack, J.D., ACTEC, CAP®, COLPM®, Accredited Estate Planner® (Distinguished) is an expert in the areas of tax, business, high net worth estate planning, asset protection planning, business succession planning, tax dispute resolution and philanthropies.  She shares her insight and knowledge with audiences across the U.S. through public speaking, writing, podcasts, and webinars.  As the managing member of the Omaha office of DUGGAN BERTSCH, she is also well versed in Law Practice Management and Technology and is considered an innovator in her field. 

Blending these areas together with her personal focus on wellness and relationships is the reason Mary’s clients turn to her for solutions to their tax and estate planning needs.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary and her firm for almost two decades in a range of contexts, including as a friend, client and on behalf of the American Bar Association.  It’s hard to know where to begin in describing Mary because she is such an exceptional human being. Mary is a person of the highest integrity. She doesn’t do the easy thing, she does the right thing even when it’s hard.  And she can do the hard stuff.  

Mary’s commitment to people is rare.  At a time when I was struggling with family and estate matters, her guidance and technical assistance were critical. But even that isn’t the entire picture. Mary cares deeply about her clients, colleagues, and people in general.  Thus, it’s not just that she’s a strategic thinker, it’s that she gets results as she provides support and kindness.  She fiercely defends her clients and friends  – not that there’s a difference between the two.  You want her in your corner.  

Mary is an exceptional leader.  She cares about both performance and wellbeing.  Advocating for the latter in a profession that isn’t known for caring much about people, she is a thought leader, inspiring through speaking, podcasts, and writing.  If you are lucky enough to know Mary, you can’t get enough.”